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21 Nov 2017 - Conferences & Seminars
The Annual Conference is the flagship event in TISA’s seminar programme and an ever-popular event across the financial services industry. This year the Conference theme is ‘Going Global: Transforming the UK into a smarter global financial centre’.

CPD: 7 Hours / Price: Price available upon application / Location: UK

21 Nov 2017 09:30 - 12:30 - Training & Workshops
This course is aimed at ensuring current DPOs have a good understanding of their responsibilities and are able to prepare for life under the GDPR when it will become compulsory for firms holding personal information to appoint a DPO.

CPD: 3 Hours / Price: £349.00 / Location: UK

21 Nov 2017 13:30 - 16:30 - Training & Workshops
The course is aimed at assisting firms to fully understand the fraud risk, the practicalities involved in mitigating this risk and providing advice on what to do if it happens.

CPD: 3 Points / Price: £349.00 / Location: UK

21 Nov 2017 08:00 - 17:45 - Conferences & Seminars
The event will provide an overview of the political and legal concerns with the Bill, as well as a comprehensive analysis of the practical implications for UK businesses, including an assessment of how businesses can influence the content of the Bill, and the content of delegated legislation which may affect the regulation of their sector.

CPD: Not Stated / Price: £595.00 / Location: UK

22 Nov 2017 13:30 - 15:30 - Training & Workshops
This course will assist delegates in understanding those elements that go to make corporate governance an effective tool within your organisation.

CPD: 3 Hours / Price: £349.00 / Location: UK

24 Nov 2017 09:00 - 12:30 - Conferences & Seminars
Please join us as we delve into the world of decumulation from various perspectives including new consumer research, product innovation, investing for retirement income, drawdown alternatives and technology opportunities.

CPD: 3.5 Hours / Price: Price available upon application / Location: UK

24 Nov 2017 09:30 - 16:30 - Training & Workshops
It is essential that everyone in a wholesale financial services firm has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the regulatory obligations which arise in the context of the firm’s activities. To have limited, or no knowledge or understanding, could have serious consequences. Senior Managers also need to understand their compliance responsibilities in order that a suitable compliance infrastructure and culture is installed within the firm.

CPD: 7 Points / Price: £649.00 / Location: UK

22 Nov 2017 08:30 - 24 Nov 2017 17:00 - Training & Workshops
Attend and you will equip yourself with: - A clear understanding of the role of performance measurement within asset management firms - The skills required to identify the differences between money- weighted and time-weighted returns and which to use - What constitutes a good benchmark and appropriate customisation calculations - Attribution analysis including fixed income, multi-currency and derivative instruments - The full range of risk-adjusted performance measures including those suitable for hedge funds - The latest developments in performance standards

CPD: 22.5 Hours / Price: £2299.00 / Location: UK

28 Nov 2017 09:00 - 12:00 - Training & Workshops
TISA has teamed up with Templar Executives - an award-winning Cyber Security company trusted by Governments and multi-national organisations – to deliver this GCHQ certified training course, designed for directors/senior executives of TISA member firms. The National Cyber Security Centre is part of GCHQ and TISA’s training is an apposite response to the Minister’s request.

CPD: Not Stated / Price: Price available upon application / Location: UK

28 Nov 2017 18:00 - 19:30 - Forum
Our Great Fraud Debate is a lively and entertaining biennial event followed by a festive drinks reception.

CPD: Not Stated / Price: Price available upon application / Location: UK