Independent Cybersecurity Consultant and Co-Founder of The Risk Avengers

With a background in sociology and civic design, Dr Jessica Barker specialises in the human side of cyber security. As an independent consultant, Jessica is engaged by FTSE100 companies, central government and SMEs across the defence, health, financial and retail sectors to advise organisations how they can keep their information safe while getting the most out of it. Jessica’s consultancy work involves designing and delivering research projects as well as leading information security audits.  Jessica also specialises in learning and development packages which raise cyber security awareness and improve behaviours.

Jessica is a founding member of The Risk Avengers, collaborating with industry peers in the fraud prevention and social engineering arenas. She runs the website www.cyber.uk, where she regularly posts blog articles and her public research findings. She frequently speaks at cyber security conferences and delivers corporate keynote speeches. Jessica is enthusiastic about making cyber security a more engaging and accessible subject to all. As such she makes regular media appearances to discuss current cyber security issues, most recently on Sky News, BBC Business Live, BBC Breakfast, BBC 5 Live and Radio 4’s Today programme. She is passionate about encouraging young people, particularly young women and girls, to become more engaged with cyber security, and as such is a keen supporter of the Cyber Security Challenge and TeenTech UK.


Twitter: @drjessicabarker and @cyberdotuk

Linkedin: Jessica Barker

Website: www.drjessicabarker.co.uk and www.cyber.uk