Audit, Tax & Accounting

Find relevant finance events and training for audit, tax and accountancy firms and individuals. Choose from audit, tax and accountancy branch meetings, conferences and seminars to bespoke courses, in-house tailored training courses and scheduled training courses.

Here you will find relevant events and training courses of interest to audit, risk and accounting professionals.  You can search and sort content by: Theme (Financial crime, Investments & Securities etc.), date; location; budget; and even Continual Professional Development (CPD) hours and credits.

It’s important for individuals working within an audit, tax and accountancy role to maintain their professionalism and expertise.  They are required to maintain their Continual Professional Development (CPD) by attending relevant events and training courses throughout the year.

Most specialists in these roles, and particularly those working within the financial services industry, have a strict set of regulations that they must comply with. But keeping up to date with regulatory change as well as other audit, tax and accountancy requirements is no easy task as regulations and legislation are constantly changing.

The penalties against firms and individuals for non-compliance include enforcement actions in the form of removal of permissions, financial penalty or prohibition of regulated activities.

So it’s more important than ever to stay informed and up to date. That’s why Industry Events Online has a powerful search facility to quickly and effectively find just the right financial services and finance events and training courses that fit your needs, and all within budget.

Use us to find, compare and book, events and training courses from many providers including trade bodies, consultancies and training firms, giving you real choice. So, whether you’re looking for the latest event on a specific subject such as Client Assets, or simply looking for a course in your area to keep your CPD maintained, then Industry Events Online has something for you.


IFA_Gold_2014 Medium   The Institute of Financial Accountants (IFA) is an internationally recognised professional accountancy membership body whose members work within micro and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or in small to medium-sized accounting practices (SMPs), advising micro and SME clients. The IFA supports more than 9,000 members and students in more than 80 countries with a programme of professional qualifications and education as well as resources, events, training and seminars.IFA members uphold high standards of conduct, confidentiality and ethics and undertake annual continuing professional development (CPD) activities.