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The Mechanics of International Financial Reporting Standards

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Distance Learning Course
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Banking, Consumer Credit, Mortgage & Home Finance, Wealth Management, Pensions, Securities & Investment, Life Assurance, Legal, Investor Relations, General Insurance, Gaming, Energy Market Participants, Clearing Houses, Outsourcing, Audit, Tax & Accountancy

Next course starts 28 September 2017.


This unique distance learning course on IFRS is designed to provide you with a comprehensive treatment of the major IFRS standards. Following an introductory, ‘scene-setting’ Unit 1, and in a departure from the standard-by-standard procedure adopted by many courses, this course applies its own take on the principle of ‘substance-over-form’ by grouping separate standards together, according to the natural economic affinity of their subject matter. For example, Unit 2 considers tangible assets and transactions in (tangible) goods, whilst Unit 3 focuses on intangible assets and transactions in services. Similarly, Unit 6 brings together the two topics which share a common exposure to extreme long-term uncertainty: post-retirement employment benefits, and provisions and contingent assets and liabilities.

Core Units: 
1. Introduction to IFRS 
2. Accounting for Tangible Assets and for Transaction in Goods 
3. Accounting for Intangible Assets and Service Transactions 
4. Accounting for Financial Instruments, Insurance and Foreign Currencies 
5. Accounting for Investments in, and Disposals of, other Businesses 
6. Accounting for Long-Term Uncertainty: Pensions and Provisions 
7. Accounting for Taxes and Share-Based Payments 
8. User Perspectives and Future Developments

60 Hours
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