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The Mechanics of Global Financial Markets

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Distance Learning Course
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Training & Workshops, Other, General Interest
Banking, Consumer Credit, Mortgage & Home Finance, Wealth Management, Clearing Houses, Outsourcing, Energy Market Participants, Gaming, General Insurance, Investor Relations, Legal, Life Assurance, Pensions, Securities & Investment

Next course starts 7 November 2017.


The course examines the business models and resilience of financial institutions, instruments from the principal asset classes as well as derivatives, the overall frameworks and assumptions used by asset allocators in portfolio construction, and the capacity of financial activity to lead to bouts of financial instability and systemic risk. There will also be an examination of techniques in risk management and regulations that have been introduced following the 2007/8 financial crisis as mandated by global and national regulators.

The Programme utitlises a rich mixture of content including case study reviews, explanations of modelling tools and mechanics of financial instruments within Excel workbooks, and an interactive forum for participants to interact with other students and the course director. 

1.Business Models and Drivers of Capital Flows in Global Capital Markets 
2.Primary Asset Classes 
3.Monetary Policy and Credit Markets 
4.Options and Swaps 
5.Foreign Exchange and Futures Markets 
6.Portfolio Theory, Asset Allocation and Hedge Funds 
7.Financial Instability and Risk Management 
8.The Regulatory Environment and Corporate Governance

60 Hours
IFF Training
KNect House, 30-32 Mortimer St, London, W1W 7RE.

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Contact: Wendy Bell