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The Mechanics of Derivatives and Financial Products

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Next course commences 4 October 2017.


This ground-breaking course will examine the rationale, mechanics and risks/rewards for investors in a variety of financial instruments which provide direct and indirect exposure to these asset classes.  There will be a focus on the way in which these instruments function, the markets and platforms upon which they trade, and the motivations behind the selection of such instruments in constructing an investment portfolio.

While securities such as shares and bonds represent primary financial instruments of the major asset classes such as equities and fixed income, there will also be a comprehensive examination of the wide variety of derivative instruments which have grown rapidly in response to increased volatility in exchange rates, interest rates, commodity prices and the need to manage risks in a complex financial environment. Instruments that will be examined include options, futures, swaps, structured products, exchange traded funds and other collective investment vehicles.  These will be considered from the perspectives of the hedger, the speculator and, on the sell side, from the perspective of the originators and structurers of these products.

1.  Equities, Global Equity Markets and Indices 
2.  Fixed Income Securities 
3.  Money Market Securities, Foreign Exchange and Settlement 
4.  Exchange Traded Funds and Collective Investment Schemes 
5.  Exchange Traded Derivatives: Futures and Options 
6.  Key Elements of Swaps 
7.  Risk Management with Derivatives 
8.  Trading Derivatives, Hedging and Investment Strategies

60 Hours
IFF Training
KNect House, 30-32 Mortimer St, London, W1W 7RE.

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Contact: Wendy Bell