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Repo Market

15 Nov 2018
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London, UK.
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Securities & Investment, Banking

Early Bird offer until 21 October £850 + VAT. Regular price £950 + VAT. Group discount 10% for 3 people.


Applications in Today's Market

This 1 day course is designed for delegates who are either new to the business of bond repurchase agreements (repos) or want to refresh their knowledge. You will learn how repos are priced, settled and why they are transacted by different participants in the market, including pension funds, hedge funds, market makers and derivatives users.  You will also learn about bonds and key money market operations. 

You will have a chance to explore applications of repos for risk management, speculation and arbitrage purposes with a particular emphasis on the relationship between the bond repo market and derivatives such as swaps and exchange traded bond futures.  

Course Level: Introductory 

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Eureka Financial Ltd
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