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Clearing & Settlement for Securities & Derivatives

16 Nov 2018
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London, UK.
Training & Workshops, Investment & Securities
Securities & Investment, Banking

Special Summer Promotion until 21 Oct £850 + VAT. Regular price £950 + VAT. Group discount 10% for 3 people.


The Course Leader has been working in the derivatives industry for 28 years and regularly teaches on behalf of the world’s leading clearing houses and exchange. These institutions are vital to managing counterparty risk. 

In recent years a lot of attention has been focused on the subject of post trade environment - clearing and settlement.
This informative and easy to follow one day course, has been specially designed to explain how the clearing and settlement process works for derivatives and securities, demonstrating how banks and their clients manage their counterparty risk - which is particularly important in the post financial era.
The course also shows in some detail, how the margining system allows for the netting of risk and the effective management of collateral.

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