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CASS - Managing Client Money & Assets

24 Jun 2019
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London, UK.
Training & Workshops, Client Assets & Money CASS
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The collapse of Lehman Brothers exposed a multi-billion shortfall in segregated client accounts, forcing much stricter rules on how a firm should separate client money from its own cash.

In 2014 the FCA reviewed the client assets regime and made material changes to the rules. The aim was and is to continue to offer better protection and speed up the recovery of client assets if the business collapses.

The subject of Client money and Client assets remains high on the FCA’s agenda, actions against firms continue to be taken by the FCA. Most notably the £126 million fine of a US banks London branch for failure to segregate client and company cash. Fines and their reputational damage aside, the new rules post significant commercial and operational challenges.

This very practical 1 day course conducted by an expert with over 20 years of experience within the sector will provide a thorough overview of the CASS regulation, its scope and requirements and prepare participants to effectively comply with it. You will learn about the principles of clients' money and asset protection, how to segregate and hold funds and keep records. You will also learn about the reporting requirements and how to set up all the processes and operations in order to stay compliant. 

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