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07 Dec 2018
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London, UK.
Training & Workshops, EU Relevance
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Special Summer Promotion until 31 of July £750 + VAT. Regular price £950 + VAT. Group discount: 10% for 3 people.


The AIFMD was introduced as part of a wider regulatory effort undertaken by G20 nations following the global market downturn of 2008. The scope of the AIFMD is broad and, with a few exceptions, covers the management, administration and marketing of alternative investment funds (“AIFs”). Its focus is on regulating the Alternative Investment Fund Manager (“AIFM”) rather than the AIF.

An AIF is a 'collective investment undertaking' that is not subject to the UCITS regime, and includes hedge funds, private equity funds, retail investment funds, investment companies and real estate funds, among others. The AIFMD establishes an EU-wide harmonised framework for monitoring and supervising risks posed by AIFMs and the AIFs they manage, and for strengthening the internal market in alternative funds.   

This highly practical 1 day course conducted by a senior fund management practitioner will explore the AIF industry, the components of an AIF structure, distribution and passport  requirements. You will also learn about the registration and authorisation processes for AIFMs and regulatory reporting requirements. Finally, you will have a chance to learn in more detail about the AIFMD legislation and the latest market developments. 

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