ComPeer Limited

8 Laurence Poutney Hill, London, EC4R 0BE.
+44 (0) 207 648 4882
Michele Malcom

ComPeer benchmarks the business performance of organisations operating in the wealth management industry; this includes wealth managers, private client stockbrokers and private banks. We have detailed analysis and data on the majority of the organisations operating in the wealth management industry. Approximately 50% of the industry participate directly in our annual and quarterly benchmarking services and in excess of 90% are covered in our annual Industry Report.

No other benchmarking survey of this detail is undertaken in the UK.

Our clients have found ComPeer’s recommendations and analysis of their data to be essential for improving their profitability and service to clients. Absolute confidentiality of an individual firm’s information is guaranteed.

ComPeer can provide a deeper analysis of business-critical issues, often where customised benchmarking reports have suggested areas of concern or highlighted opportunities. Examples include defining compensation strategy, identifying fee structures of peer businesses, or comparing the main drivers of front office productivity. ComPeer’s unique research can also underpin the development and execution of a company’s growth strategy for the wealth management sector.


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