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RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum 2018

10 May 2018
London, UK.
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Audit, Tax & Accountancy, Banking, Clearing Houses, Outsourcing, Consumer Credit, Energy Market Participants, Gaming, Investor Relations, General Insurance, Legal, Life Assurance, Mortgage & Home Finance, Pensions, Securities & Investment, Wealth Management

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Since rising to prominence in 2015, RegTech has continued to bring considerable benefits to the financial services industry, primarily by reducing the cost and complexity of compliance and by addressing an existing technology gap. 

Companies are now finally ready to partner with regulators to smooth the way to compliance automation, while taking into account their views on mitigating risk. By fostering close collaboration among all stakeholders along the regulatory value chain, RegTech could form a catalyst for innovation and efficiency that strengthens financial stability. 

Fraud is still a major issue within the financial sector. Incidents are not only costly, but also damage the reputation of firms in the eyes of their customers and the market as a whole. The industry continues to be hit with substantial fines, and compliance bills are growing exponentially. A decade after the financial crisis, banks and financial institutions are still struggling to keep up with the avalanche of regulation it set in motion. Larger institutions have been spending millions in order to deal with fines and compliance issues. 

The RegTech Automation and Compliance Forum 2018, which builds on the success of last year’s inaugural event, will present strategies and examples of best practice that will help financial institutions to gain competitive advantage by mastering compliance through automation and innovation. 

The forum will address the challenges financial institutions are facing in developing the appropriate skill sets at all levels of the business and the capability to be able to delivery safe and secure operations whilst integrating RegTech solutions. The biggest technology challenge for financial firms this year is the need to upgrade legacy systems, with their attendant cyber resilience and technology risks, whilst implementing and embedding massive regulatory rulebook changes. On the plus side, the deployment of RegTech is expected to lead to improvements in efficiency and productivity, regulatory compliance and fraud prevention, cost cutting and performance flexibility.  

Through an unparalleled panel of speakers and panellists you will:


  1. Learn about the rise of regulatory technology and understand how the regulatory ecosystem and RegTech value chain can lead to improved collaboration between industry and regulators, notwithstanding the legal challenges associated with RegTech
  2. Hear practical ways of overcoming internal hurdles so that you can embrace the rise of compliance automation and streamline procurement processes
  3. Discover how collaboration can be fostered and why a compliance community to support RegTech is fast becoming a reality
  4. Learn through real-life case studies how to develop a secure RegTech solution that helps reduce cost pressures, while being flexible enough to cope with an increasing regulatory burden
  5. Assess the importance of the progress towards the Robo Rulebook 
  6. Explore the risks and opportunities for regulatory compliance associated with the GDPR 
  7. Hear about the practical impact of RegTech on the reporting infrastructure, risk management, ALM, KYC and client on-boarding, data management and MiFID II 
  8. Gain an appreciation of the current level of development of RegTech solutions and how the technical, legal and compliance issues will be overcome 
  9. Look at the cost saving capabilities, security issues and VAS potential of new technologies: AI, Blockchain, cloud computing, biometrics and cryptography 

The conference will also enable you to explore the world of RegTech and find answers to the following questions:

  1. Which is the smart way to keep pace with the changing regulation? 
  2. To what extent is RegTech able to coexist with legacy systems? How are internal hurdles overcome to transition safely to an automated compliance function?
  3. How will automating regulatory obligations benefit all financial institutions?
  4. What are the advantages and challenges associated with RegTech solutions?

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