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Post-Brexit Customs Summit: Preparing for the Alternative Scenarios

16 May 2018
Royal Garden Hotel
2-24 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT, United Kingdom.
Summit, EU Relevance
Audit, Tax & Accountancy, Banking, Clearing Houses, Outsourcing, Consumer Credit, Energy Market Participants, Gaming, General Insurance, Investor Relations, Legal, Life Assurance, Mortgage & Home Finance, Pensions, Securities & Investment, Wealth Management

Private Sector Delegate Fee: GBP 595.00. Public Sector Delegate Fee GBP 195.00. Small Company Delegate Fee GBP 295.00


The objective of this summit is to help UK companies, UK manufacturers and traders, who import from and export to Europe, with their contingency planning for the range of possible customs arrangements that may be in place post-Brexit, from a no-deal exit to a comprehensive FTA and customs agreement. Companies will need to understand both the tariff and non-tariff barriers they may face, as well as the implications for their supply chains and the customs compliance challenges that lie ahead. This will be particularly challenging for those SMEs that will be making customs declarations for the first time. 

At the same time, the government needs to prepare for implementation of a new customs regime and ensure that HMRC has the capacity and technical capability to cope with a significant increase in customs declarations, which are estimated to raise fivefold. There are, for example, concerns about the risk associated with launching the Customs Declaration Service only two months before the UK leaves the EU. The new system was originally designed to deal with less than half of the expected requests and was going to be launched in 2020. Bringing the launch date forward to January 2019 will provide little contingency time for dealing with any overruns or unexpected problems that might occur when processing the volume of declarations expected after leaving the Customs Union.

Considering that even a minor increase in customs paperwork risks clogging up ports and airports with disastrous consequences for government and businesses, as well as the transport and logistics industry, not to mention the UK economy as a whole, the stakes are very high.

In the absence of complete certainty at this point in time as to which customs model companies will actually face, the agenda will examine a number of different scenarios and how companies can build flexibility into their planning to allow for a range of outcomes. The forum will also provide a platform on which industry can share its ideas and concerns with government. Building on the success of our BREXIT portfolio including The Post-Brexit UK Trade Policy Summit, The UK Financial Services BREXIT Summit, and The EU Withdrawal Bill Summit, this summit will bring together leading experts from the government, UK importers and exporters, and infrastructure operators, such as ports and airports, as well as technological solutions providers, to discuss the key issues in the round.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Future of the UK and the Single Market and the Customs Union; potential scenarios
  • The UK government’s three scenarios as per the Customs Bill 
  • HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service and its capacity to accommodate for the various
  • What can be learnt from the introduction of new customs models in other countries
  • The Irish border
  • Managing supply chain post-Brexit
  • Role of technological solutions to streamline the process
  • The VAT and Tax planning implications of the government’s proposals
  • How the major ports and airports are planning to handle new customs arrangements
  • Contingency Planning: what should companies do now to prepare for all possible scenarios? 
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City & Financial Global Ltd
Traditions House, Pyrford Road, Pyrford, Woking Surrey, GU22 8UE.

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Contact: Paul Hooper