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ABI - Vulnerable customers: challenges and solutions for a changing environment

02 May 2019 10:45 - 14:30
Association of British Insurers - UK Head Offic
One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB
Conferences & Seminars, Other, General Interest
General Insurance, Life Assurance
  • Members - £149.00; Associate members - £149.00; Platform members - £149.00; Workplace platform members - £149.00; Partners - £149.00; Non-members - £199.00

With the forthcoming FCA consultation on vulnerable customers, expected in H1 this year, and four years since the FCA published its Occasional Paper No. 8: Consumer Vulnerability, are firms sufficiently equipped to identify and deal with vulnerable customers?

The nature of the insurance and long-term savings industry means that firms often engage with customers at some of the most vulnerable points in their lives. This event will explore how we, as an industry, can effectively ensure that firms interact with these customers in the most effective way possible to achieve fair and consistent outcomes – whether that is through innovation or instilling the right company policies and culture in a firm. This event will bring together experts in the field to showcase tested methods of good practice, while also discussing the common challenges that arise.

Keynote Speaker:

  • Sarah McKenzie, Head of Department of Consumer Strategy & Policy, FCA

Confirmed speakers:

  • Morven Lean, Programmes Partnerships Officer, Alzheimer’s Society
  • Katie Evans, Head of Research and Policy, Money and Mental Health
  • Chris Quince, Head of Consumer Affairs, Barclays
  • Marianne Wait, Founder, Think Designable
  • Hugh Savill, Director of Regulation, ABI


  • Members - £149.00
  • Associate members - £149.00
  • Platform members - £149.00
  • Workplace platform members - £149.00
  • Partners - £149.00
  • Non-members - £199.00

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3 Hours
Association of British Insurers
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