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ABI - Long-term savings conference: mapping the customer journey

03 Jun 2019 10:15 - 15:05
Association of British Insurers - UK Head Offic
One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London, EC3N 2LB
Conferences & Seminars, Other, General Interest
General Insurance, Life Assurance, Pensions
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The FCA and TPR’s recent joint pensions strategy outlines their intention to review the entire pensions journey for customers – taking an in-depth look at what tools are needed to enable people to make considered decisions about their pensions.

In doing so, the ABI believes this review should consider outstanding questions arising from the pension flexibilities, an evolving long-term savings market and shifts in customer expectations, including:

  • What information do customers need to effectively plan for retirement, and when and how should it reach savers?
  • How is the industry and government delivering pensions dashboards, what outstanding implementation challenges does it face and how far will it go to solve the problems of small pots and lost pots?
  • How is the industry responding to the regulator’s call for ready-made retirement pathways, and the need to improve the uptake of advice and guidance?
  • How should policy and regulation adapt to meet these challenges?

Join the debate as we look at how industry practice and policy and regulation can assist customers to navigate the pensions journey.

Why attend?

  • Gather insight from different perspectives on how industry practice and regulatory settings can evolve to help customers to make more informed decisions about their retirement needs

  • Take away a deeper understanding of the future of the Pension Dashboard, including the implementation model, access to information and presentation of pensions information to customers

  • Form a view on what ready-made retirement pathways could look like and how choice architecture can maximise the uptake of guidance and advice

What will delegates learn?

  • A better understanding of the long term ‘big picture’ issues facing the industry 

  • An understanding of what’s next for disclosure, the pensions dashboard and retirement pathways, and how the industry can help customers to navigate the pensions journey

  • An understanding of how the market for long-term savings is being reshaped by technology and innovation, and how this will affect the industry in years to come 

Keynote speakers:

  • Guy Opperman MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Pensions and Financial Inclusion 
  • John Govett, CEO, Money and Pensions Service

Confirmed speakers: 

  • Jenny Holt, Head of Propositions, Standard Life (Phoenix Group)
  • Rod McKieHead of Product Development, Zurich 
  • Jackie Leiper, Distribution Director, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Holly Mackay, CEO, Boring Money
  • David Miller, Partner, KPMG
  • Huw Evans, Director General, ABI


  • ABI Members: Free
  • Associate Members: Free
  • Platform Members: Free
  • Workplace Platform Members: Free
  • Partner: Free
  • Non-Members: £299.00 +VAT

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