What does Clive Shelton think the CPD Challenges are?

We (Industry Events Online) recently blogged about the UK CPD requirements in the financial services industry. The blog entitled "CPD Requirements in a Nutshell" was also shared on our Linkedin group and received some interesting comments not least about what the challenges are for industry professional when trying to meet the requirements to remain professional.

Clive Shelton, Chartered FCSI and Director of International Financial Data Services (UK) Ltd & Deputy Chairman of TISA, Leading on Investment & Savings, as well as a member of Industry Events Online Advisory Panel joined the discussion with interesting thoughts as follows:


"Some of the challenges are (given that competence is based on Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

* Making CPD interesting - e.g. we found introducing a fantasy fund manager competition worked well but how about some sort of engaging mobile App/game perhaps that Advisors can use in quite moments on trains etc?

* Providing broad/shared experiences rather than just reading material - e.g get involved with industry bodies/practitioner groups?

*Identifying skill gaps effectively - reliance on appraisals?

*Knowing whether the CPD is effective - e.g. provide a test regime to ensure knowledge is up to date, again a mobile app would be useful to test in bite-size chunks."


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