So why now are delegates fighting for places

In light of recent regulatory change, such as the Retail Distribution Review (RDR) particularly, there became no hiding place for financial advisors and other practitioners.  

Many of those who were perhaps longer in the tooth, and possibly looking forward to retirement, may have realigned their retirement dates to implementation of the RDR or even to implementation of the recently finalised Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Mortgage Market regulations which came in on 26 April 2014. 

Not unexpectedly, we have therefore seen a drop in the number of advisors in the industry. Those who wished to remain had to demonstrate compliance with new requirements and for those who couldn't cut the mustard, shake off the dodgy image which we more regularly associate with some members of the used-car sales market, …?. But even these previously unregulated industries have had to now clean up their act particularly when selling GAP insurance and now consumer credit.  

A new and expected regulatory level of professionalism and thirst for knowledge has hit the industry from all angles, resulting in increased demand for attendance at relevant events and especially those which include Continual Professional Development (CPD) credits.

Failure or bad practices are no longer the excuse they may once have been for the industry, from senior management within the banking industry right down to junior salesmen within a car show room.  Therefore finding events that are local, relevant to your industry and provided by professional bodies and event organisers is a must, especially when those CPD deadlines loom.  

Early signs suggest that delegates have clearly been looking for a product such as Industry Events Online for a while and one which has the independence of not being linked to or owned by a big corporate.  It also obviates the need for surfing numerous websites to find what they want.

We've listened to the industry and designed a product that focuses on the financial services industry alone.  We encourage you all to spread the word that we are here to help you meet your deadlines and personal and professional demands for knowledge. We take the drudgery out of staying qualified. 


 IEO Team

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