IEO Celebrates two year anniversary by becoming Ambassador for CPD Standards Office.


Monday, 9 May 2016 

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LONDON/UK – 9 May 2016 – Industry Events Limited is delighted to announce that it is now an ambassador of the CPD Standards Office (CPDSO) based in the UK.

As an ambassador for the CPD Standards Office, Industry Events Online (IEO) is able to offer its advertising partners significant discounts for CPD standards accreditation services. 

IEO advertisers registering with the CPDSO via the Industry Events Online website can also look forward to an extended four months free of charge on annual CPDSO Membership.

Speaking about the new relationship Gareth Rowlands, Founder of Industry Events Online, confirmed:

‘We are absolutely delighted to join the CPD Standards Office as an Ambassador. 

‘We launched Industry Events Online two years ago with just a handful of events and advertisers.  We now have over full 40 advertisers on our site that provide a host of events and training courses on an eclectic mix of entries all of which are fully searchable.

‘It's not just about numbers though as we have to ensure that those firms advertising are reputable organisations that truly add value to the industry and the practitioners within it.  We strongly believe that providing choice and quality is key to success for all.

‘Joining such a recognised and respected organisation as the CPD Standards Office shows that the industry really is taking what we are doing seriously. There was a real need for a dedicated and focused financial services and related organisations event and training course search website and it’s never been as important as now for practitioners to gain accreditation to prove their compliance with regulatory requirements.’ 

Speaking of the new relationship with Industry Events Online Amanda Rosewarne, Director of CPD Accreditation and Research at the CPD Standards Office said: “We are delighted to be working with Industry Events Online as one of our ambassadors who will recommend to us the best events and training providers in the financial sector.  It is highly important that we recognise and communicate the highest standards of CPD so that professionals access excellent lifelong learning experiences.  Industry Events Online is innovating the search process as well as recognising high standards in professional training.”

Event providers and professional bodies from around the globe can reach a wider audience of delegates by advertising their events and training sessions on a single tailored financial services website which will be frequented from delegates specifically from the financial services and closely related industries.

Industry Events Online is supported by an Advisory Panel of industry experts who have helped guide the content and launch so that the platform fully meets the requirements of the financial services industry. 

Industry Events Online is a free to view service for delegates.  Interested advertisers should contact industry Events Online at for further details.

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  1. Industry Events Limited was founded in 2013 by Gareth Rowlands.
  2. Gareth Rowlands has over 25 years senior executive experience across a wide range of industries in the UK and overseas. This has included a number of roles at Sales & Marketing Director, Managing Director and CEO level for private companies and PLCs in both the large corporate and SME sectors. He now runs an independent strategy consultancy practice and is the founding director of Industry Events Limited, the trading company behind Industry Events Online.
  3. Industry Events Limited is supported by an Advisory Panel of high profile financial services’ industry experts and specialists who provide Industry Events Limited with advice and support. 
  4. CPD Standards Office was founded as a result of a comprehensive research project in to the quality of continuing CPD provision across the UK.  The survey was carried out over 1000 professionals, and interviewed a range of professional bodies and regulators.
  5. CPD Standards Office review found that the standards varied greatly and too much was low quality.
  6. CPD Standards Office provides independent accreditation.
  7. CPD Standards Office helps providers of CPD deliver consistently high quality training.
  8. CPD Standards Office marks of excellence for training and learning providers demonstrates to individual professionals that the learning activity conforms to CPD best practice and is appropriate for inclusion in a formal CPD record.
  9. Link to the advisory panel (
  10. Industry Event Limited’s registered office is: 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU.
  11. All press enquiries and additional comment emailed to