Organisational Role Models



Vlog 17: Organisational Role Models. Who are they and why are they important.

Vlog 16: Understanding Financial Statements.  Tips and training.

Vlog 15: Running your own business. It's a skill.

Vlog 14: Organisational Communication. Learning how to communicate is a skill.

Vlog 13: Networking. The art and benefits of networking

Vlog 12: Emotional Intelligence. Being understood is key to communication and business success.

Vlog 11: The Art of Being Understood. Being understood is key to communication and business success.

Vlog 10:  Delegation.  Learning how to delegate as a manager is a crucial skill and one not easily learned.  Dave James discusses how delegation can aid managers, teams and the wider business.

Vlog 9: Coaching. Learn about the role and responsibility of the coach and coachee and how to get the best out of employees and those around you.

Vlog 8: Optimum team delivery. How to work with your teams to get optimum levels of performance.

Vlog 7: Building a Team.  Making a difference in your organisation and creating a positive working environment.

Vlog 6: Motivation.  Check out why motivation is important in our personal and working lives.

Vlog 5: Personal Brand.  Exploring your personal brand.  It's who your are and who you want to be.  How you want others to see you.

Vlog 4: Change. We have the opportunity to expore change.  What change means to key stakeholders both personally and professional.

Vlog 3:  Self Reflection. Taking your learning with doesn't end when the course or event ends.  Self reflection will improve the way you think about what you do and how you can improve and move forward in life.

Vlog 2: Life Long Learning Vlog

Vlog 1: Who are Dave and Oliver?