Cultivating a Sttrong PR Presense

Cultivating A Strong PR Presence

While the industry is changing, Public Relations remains at the forefront of marketing and financial strategy.  For small companies, PR can be tricky to navigate, but entrepreneurs should be aware of the essential strategies to maintain a good PR presence. When in doubt, consistency is key: 75 percent of consumers cite brand awareness as a major influence in making their buying decision, and the best brands know how to maintain a consistent public image. Maintaining a consistent brand and strong rapport with clients is vital to cultivate a strong presence in the industry, both online and during financial conferences and events.

PR and industry events 

At its broadest level, PR encompasses all forms of communication between companies and the general public, including social media, press releases, and industry events, including seminars and conferences. A strong PR presence will mean that your company showcases its strong communication and team-building efforts to potential clients and competitors alike. During a finance conference, for instance, PR reps can represent your brand and highlight the services your company has to offer in the industry. Unlike social media, which reaches the general public, think of industry events as the niche target for your business: you get the opportunity to collaborate and exchange information with the best experts in your field. The result, ultimately, is a stronger PR presence geared towards your area of expertise.  

Build a strong rapport with journalists

Begin your PR rebranding strategies by networking with journalists who write product reviews on your area of specialty. It’s wise to avoid overly-pestering journalists with company updates, but you can update them when your company releases new, innovative information that appeals to their interests. Social media is also important for networking with journalists: rather than cluttering the inbox of disinterested journalists, look for ones actively expressing on social media that they want new material.  By “following” and “liking” the content from journalists in your field, your company can gain stronger rapport with press likely to boost coverage of your business. For small business owners, another good option is to go local and approach journalists in your area who may be more keen to cover the product information of a company nearby.  Coverage of your company at a local level will help fosters relations with client bases in specific regions, which is another factor in the importance of attending industry related events for your brand. 

Keep a consistent brand

Above all else, maintaining a strong, consistent message to your consumer base will help your company gain recognition in the field. Remember that consistency comes from within, so it’s important your PR is level with the rest of your company’s strategy.  Whether you outsource PR or hire people directly within your business, make sure that everyone is on the same page about what message you want to send to the public. You should also use social media to assess consumer feedback on your product: what did they like about it? What didn’t they like about it? A skilled PR expert will be able to help quantify and categorize this data to inform your company. Likewise, during industry events, make sure employees in your company stick to a consistent branding message to offer a strong, unified impression to competitors and prospective collaborative parties in the industry.

Public Relations is a multi-faceted, changing field, but the central tenets of consistency and approachability will improve company rapport with journalists and consumers alike. Ultimately, your company should present itself to the public as an asset, so that the public trusts and relies on your products/services amidst industry fluctuations. Cultivating a unified branding message in all aspects of your communication will help bring your company to the center of the industry while minimizing risk.