A Decade of the Fraud Women’s Network and Celebrating International Women's Day

Tony Sless

On this date (8 March 2007), 10 years ago, from small seeds the Fraud Women’s Network has grown into a successful and inclusive network which celebrates, nurtures and supports women working in the fraud prevention and security arenas.

When I first embarked on my career in the fraud prevention arena, it was unfortunately apparent, all those years ago, that the arena was male biased and the few women I did know, didn’t know each other. Therefore establishing the Fraud Women’s Network (FWN) seemed like the obvious solution to me, bringing together women, both junior and senior, to network and support each other. 

11 years ago in September 2006, 7 of us who worked in the fraud prevention and detection arena sat down to discuss how great it would be to bring together women working in this space to offer a relaxed and nurturing networking environment. We also wanted to offer mentoring to help more junior ladies develop their careers and learn from the challenges that more senior members had been through.

The group grew fast and we developed a strong Steering Committee who work tirelessly and unpaid (!) to put on networking events that we really feel resonate with our audience. We’ve run 100s over the years some of which were about Rogue Traders, The Art of Fraud, Romance Fraud, Wine Fraud, as well as looking at Insider Fraud and Social Engineering, to name but a few. Our attention to topical areas in the anti-fraud space has led to our membership growing from the initial 7 of us in a restaurant to now over 170 loyal members.

I am so extremely proud and also humbled that what was a mere idea all those years ago, is still today a very strong network of wonderful women. None of which could have be possible without the ongoing support of our Members and Sponsors and dedication and time of the FWN Board  and Steering Committee to all of whom I am extremely grateful. Thank you!

Every year we hold our annual event and as this is our 10th anniversary this will be extra special for all of us. We will take a look back over the last 10 years and see how much the fraud landscape has changed and developed. Then we will be getting our crystal ball out and looking at what we can expect in the future on what fraud and security could look like over the next 10 years. For more information on our annual event and how to register, please visit http://fraudwomensnetwork.com/event-2311897

Toni Sless is also a member of the Industry Events Online Advisory Panel.