‘Message understood, Roger and out’; as communicators we all have much to learn


Communication is a very broad and complex subject and there is a range of material, sources and opinions on what makes someone a good communicator. As with anything that is a such a vast subject, there are many sources of inspiration and information.  However, in a crowded market place, it is easy to get bogged down in bland, broad-brush and even superficial perspectives.

A quick google search on famous quotes abut communication brings up many different results,3 possible more thoughtful ones are below;

Albert Einstein (Theoretical physicist); ‘If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old, you don’t understand it yourself’

Dan Oswald (US Businessman); ‘Communication must be HOT- Honest, open and two way’

James Humes (Author and former presidential speechwriter); ‘The Art of communication is the language of leadership’.

All great quotes, but how does this translate to being a good communicator in practice. The complexities of communication are outlined above; however, to be a good communicator you probably need to be;

  • A good listener– It’s not just all about the talking, good communication is also 2 way (As Dan Oswald says!!)- Listening is very important
  • Clear and concise– Sometimes it is about quality and getting to the point, rather than quantity
  • Friendliness– Always preferable, everyone likes friendliness- It’s not always what you say but also the way you say it
  • Confident– Believing in what you are saying is important- If you don’t, then the likelihood is your audience wont either
  • Open minded- Sometimes the ‘left field option’ that no one had thought of might be a masterstroke
  • Respectful– Not everyone will share the same opinions as you, however, we are all entitled to them
  • Be able to pick the right medium (For example, phone, text, email, face to face)- Particularly with so much choice offered to us via technology